آموزش زبان انگلیسی

تست یک

1. Javad and Mahin ------------ a car.

a) are

b) have

c) has

d) is

2. That is ------------

a) red books

b) red book

c) a red book

d) book red

3. Reza has a ball ------------ ball is green.

a) My

b) Their

c) her

d) His

4. ------------ is that girl? She is Mina.

a) What

b) Where

c) Who

d) How

5. Please ------------ the door.

a) not open

b) isn't open

c) don’t open

d) open not

6. We have ------------ eyes.

a) too

b) to

c) one

d) two

7. Mr Alavi has not a ------------

a) hat

b) shirt

c) dress

d) jacket


8. What color are the hats? ------------ are brown.

a) It

b) This

c) That    

d) They


9. There are many books in the ------------

a) park

b) mosque

c) street

d) library

10. ------------ pencil is that?

a) Where

b) Who

c) Whose

d) When

11. ------------ Zahra go to school every day?

a) Is

b) Do

c) Does

d) Has

12. Look ------------ the blackboard, please.

a) at

b) on

c) in

d) to

13. The students listen ------------ the teacher.

a) at

b) to

c) on

d) in

14. A ------------ has a gun.

a) nurse

b) doctor

c) dentist

d) soldier

15. ------------ are black shoes.

a) This

b) These

c) That

d) It

16. We're ------------ football.

a) play

b) plays

c) playing

d) are playing

17. ------------ he watching TV?

a) Do

b) Is

c) Does


18. We ------------ at home yesterday.

a) are

b) were

c) was

d) am

19.  It is ------------ six minutes to five.

a) two

b) twelve

c) twenty

d) fifteen

20. ------------. the blackboard, please. 

a) Clean

b) Open

c) Close

d) Wash

21. Ali and Reza …….   students.

      a. has                  b. are                   c. is               d. come

22. Are  ……… baskets? Yes.

     a. they               b.  we                 c. this               d. that

23. We pray in a ……..  .

       a. radio             b. street           c. desk             d. mosque

24. ….. girls are good students.

      a. This               b. They             c. Those             d. that

25. We watch TV ….. home.

      a. in                 b. at               c. on             d. under

26. We play football …..  Fridays.

       a. in               b. at                c. on              d. under

27. She looks …. the map.

      a. at              b. in                c. on               d. down

28. What are you? I am …… .

      a. Ali             b. His brother         c. a student            d. teacher

29.  ………………….. do you live? In Tehran.

      a. Who          b. What          c. When         d. Where

30. Ali ………. at home now.

      a. is studying          b. studying          c. studies          d. study

31.  ………………….. do you live? In Tehran.   

       a. Who                 b. What               c. When            d. Where

32I have a ….. in my pocket.

        a. taxi               b. yellow               c. red pen         d. house

33She eats …. at one o'clock.

         a. dinner           b. lunch             c. breakfast               d. plate

34. Goodbye, ….. you tomorrow.

         a. eat                 b. nice                 c. see                  d. look

35. Their mother …… the room.

        a. cleans             b. comes                 c. opens                 d. prays

36. I am …………..  a letter.         

        a. writing              b. listening                c. speaking              d. looking

37. It is ………. .

      a. a green        b. green book       c. a green book         d. green books

38. Their brother has a car. It’s ….. car.

       a. his            b. your                c. her                    d. their

39. There are ….. in the street.

      a. ten car        b. ten cars          c. a cars          d. many car

40. There …. many soldiers in the picture.

      a. isn’t            b. aren’t             c. haven’t         d. is

41. That is a ………….. .

      a. umbrella         b. apple               c. eye                 d. glass

42. My ….. eats lunch.

        a. brother          b. brothers        c. friends       d. sisters4. …. home, please.

    a. Go to        b. Go          c. Go at           d. goes

43That boy …. at 9 o'clock.

       a. get                b. gets up           c. to get up      d. go to bed

44. Let's ….. to our teacher.

      a. listens            b.  to listen       c. are              d. listen

45.  ……….. have a map.

      a. Nima and I        b. This boy          c. Miss Irani       d. Reza

46.  ……… a nurse.  

      a. We’re            b. You’re                c. It’s               d. they’re

47. Ali has ……..   umbrella.    

       a. a                     b. an                 c. e thre            d. two

48.  ….. pens are those? Ali’s. 

      a. What           b. What time        c. What color           d. Whose

49. Nima and I ……. our homework.

      a. do               b. are               c. does             d. am

50.  ….. work in the library.

       a. My father         b. My sisters        c. Ali          d. He